Free Guide - Six Steps for Using Business Planning for FY22

The Team at Plan4Healthcare is pleased to share a free guide with “Six Steps for Using Business Planning to Optimize Your Approach to FY 22.”

The Six Steps include practical ideas, tips, and questions garnered from our experience working with a diverse group of VAMCs since 2014.  The steps, which will help you design a planning and budgeting approach tailored to your Station’s needs, include:
  • Step 1 – Get the Right People Involved
  • Step 2 – Optimize Your Timing
  • Step 3 – Balance Complexity, Effort, and Impact
  • Step 4 – Gather the Right Data & Make Accurate Projections
  • Step 5 – Communicate Clear Decisions
  • Step 6 – Prepare to Execute, Monitor, and Adjust

Consider 4Cast to Improve Your Station’s Planning and Results

At Plan4HC, we built 4Cast specifically to help VAMCs conduct annual planning and budgeting.

If you’d like to learn more about 4Cast, we’ve created a simple and concise “Self-Guided Tour” of 4Cast that you can review in just a few minutes.  The Tour is organized into five posts, each taking less than two minutes to review.

Contact Us today if you’d like to discuss how we can introduce 4Cast to enhance your planning and budgeting in FY22 and beyond.

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