Plan 4 Healthcare Hires New Vice President of Growth

Ashburn, Virginia, December 22nd, 2021: Plan 4 Healthcare, Inc. (Plan4), the developer of 4Cast, a web-based, software solution built to support annual Business Planning, Budget Calls, FTEE Scenario Planning, and Resource Tracking for Medical Centers, announced today it has brought on Philip Crowe as the Vice President of Growth. In this position Philip will oversee strategic growth, marketing and business development activities for Plan4. His experience includes more than 20 years driving growth in the government and commercial markets. Prior to his current role, he held a similar position at Federal IT solution providers including CollabraLink and 2020 Company, LLC. Philip also helped establish a track record of strong revenue growth and profitability, as well as a pipeline of new business opportunities across federal agencies at those firms which grew to nearly $70 million in his time there., “Plan4 is committed to providing lasting value to both our Federal Government and commercial clients. With his strong history of success, we are confident Phil will contribute to Plan4’s mission, vision and growth in his new role,” said Brian Cannavan, Plan4’s CEO.


About Plan 4

Plan4, based in Ashburn, VA was founded in 2014 with the vision of creating a comprehensive and repeatable technical solution to improve strategic and business planning for federal, state and community health systems by fusing a smarter technology and better processes to form a complete, well-defined and sustainable solution. In support this of this vision Plan4 built 4Cast, a web-based tool that provides hospitals with a proven way to perform comprehensive planning. With 4Cast, detailed planning modules allow you to anticipate resource needs for the coming year while metrics and reports allow you to better understand your current spending and optimize to reduce waste and errors.

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