In a Time of Crisis, Keep an Eye on the Horizon….

Many organizations are facing an unprecedented challenge as they plan and execute responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. A crisis of this magnitude can be overwhelming, taxing staff, increasing costs, displacing other priorities, and destabilizing aspects of operations.

Yet, even the most severe crisis is usually measured in months, not years, and organizations must sustain a basic rhythm of planning and executing toward long-term goals, strategies, and priorities.

When in the throes of a crisis, how can an organization balance a focused response with the need to look to the future and bigger picture?

  1. Retain basic management discipline: Crisis response often involves shifting day-to-day responsibilities, taking on many new meetings, and significantly increasing reporting and communication activities. Under these pressures, leaders may easily slip into “full-time” crisis mode.   As much as possible, strive to retain basic management processes and structures where leaders have an opportunity to step out of the crisis, come up for air, check on execution, adjust plans, and spend time thinking about the future.
  2. Identify team members who can step up: A crisis situation is an opportunity to tap into the organization’s emerging leaders. Ask, “who is ready and willing to step up and take on tasks that leaders need help with?” Identify strong candidates who are positioned to fill gaps around key tasks such as managing operations, tracking budgets, and monitoring execution. The experience will benefit the organization and its upcoming leaders both now and in the future.
  3. Get some help: Getting through a difficult time may come down to having an extra set of helping hands. Consider opportunities to retain expert support to temporarily take on crucial functions and tasks. Securing assistance from a trusted partner will give leaders piece of mind knowing that important management functions are preserved during turbulent times.

If the COVID-19 response is interfering with your Organization’s ability to stay on track with operations and budget while looking ahead to the coming year, the Plan4 team stands ready to assist with our expert team, leading Business Planning practices, and the 4Cast platform. Our team members are positioned to take a hands-on role with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Organizing your Business Planning cycle by defining each step, scheduling key activities, and communicating with your leaders and Managers
  • Training and coaching your Managers on building quality Business Plans addressing operational and budgetary needs
  • Facilitating planning reviews and Business Plan feedback sessions on behalf of leadership
  • Assisting your Finance team with budget analysis, projections, and detailed resource budgeting
  • Eliminating and streamlining manual processes related to annual planning and tracking to save time and energy

Plan4 is trusted partner ready help organizations sustain and thrive as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. Contact us today at to discuss how we can lend a helping hand during this time of need.

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