Using 4Cast to Assist With Your COVID-19 Response

4Cast Can Help You Plan and Respond to the Unexpected

The coronavirus is an important and serious matter across the United States, affecting nearly all facets of society and business.  At Plan4 Technologies and Plan4 Healthcare, we understand that affected organizations need to make rapid operational and budgetary adjustments to respond to the virus.  We also understand that planning and tracking actions related to your response is complex and requires coordination of activities across functions and personnel.  The capabilities of Plan4’s 4Cast platform are designed to help you manage this exact challenge.  4Cast can be utilized to:

  • Establish detailed response Action Plans at the Organization and Department-levels
  • Track and report completion of Plans and Action Items
  • Revise Department-level Business Plans to reflect current priorities
  • Budget and track Resources related to response planning
  • Update Organization and Department-level Budgets to reflect any needed adjustments

The Plan4 team stands ready to provide hands-on support to help you manage your response efficiently using 4Cast as best suited for your organization.  Contact us today at to discuss how we can be of service.

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