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Is there such a thing as “Business Planning” for Federal Organizations?

“Business Planning” isn’t a term you often hear used within the Federal sector. And yet, a Business Planning approach, especially one that balances private sector best practices with the realities of Federal operations, is essential to helping Federal entities plan, budget, execute, and manage more effectively. Business Planning is not a replacement for strategic planning, […]

In a Time of Crisis, Keep an Eye on the Horizon….

Many organizations are facing an unprecedented challenge as they plan and execute responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. A crisis of this magnitude can be overwhelming, taxing staff, increasing costs, displacing other priorities, and destabilizing aspects of operations. Yet, even the most severe crisis is usually measured in months, not years, and organizations must sustain a […]

The Route to Planning Success: Learning and Adjusting Along the Way

Planning is essential for all effective organizations. However, the value of planning is greatly diminished without ongoing execution, tracking, and adjusting throughout each year. Imagine planning a long drive across the country.  If your goal is efficiency, you’ll plot out the shortest, safest course.  If your goal is leisure, you may plot a longer, more […]

Using 4Cast to Assist With Your COVID-19 Response

4Cast Can Help You Plan and Respond to the Unexpected The coronavirus is an important and serious matter across the United States, affecting nearly all facets of society and business.  At Plan4 Technologies and Plan4 Healthcare, we understand that affected organizations need to make rapid operational and budgetary adjustments to respond to the virus.  We […]

4Cast Tool Product Update

4Cast Tool Product Update as of March 2020 The Plan4HC Team is excited to share the following 4Cast product updates: Recently Launched Features: Ability to utilize Vacancy Data to assist in staffing budget scenario projections Ability to document feedback and action items throughout the year as part of progress reviews Increased flexibility in the “Supportable […]