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Free Guide - Six Steps for Using Business Planning for FY22

The Team at Plan4Healthcare is pleased to share a free guide with “Six Steps for Using Business Planning to Optimize Your Approach to FY 22.” The Six Steps include practical ideas, tips, and questions garnered from our experience working with a diverse group of VAMCs since 2014.  The steps, which will help you design a […]

Should Service Chiefs Be Accountable for Budgets?

It’s time-tested question and debate among VHA Directors, ADs, and CFOs: Should Service Chiefs be accountable for tracking and managing financial performance throughout each year?  Related questions include: Should Service Chiefs have the authority to make resource decisions that may impact your Station’s overall financial position?  Should financial performance be a factor in Service Chief’s […]

Budget Call vs. Business Planning – Which is Better?

When it comes to annual operational planning and budgeting, you need a process that is both effective and efficient. You also need a process that fits your organization’s needs and capabilities. One common approach is to conduct a “Budget Call;” another is to implement a “Business Planning” process. Here are simple definitions of each: Budget […]

10 Important Planning Questions for FY22

As a Medical Center Administrator, it’s easy to be consumed with the many demands of day-to-day operations. Add a disruptive event such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic into the mix, and you can quickly become overwhelmed by emerging issues, shifting priorities, staff needs, safety concerns, site visits, and other daily management demands. Yet, even the most […]

4 Ways 4Cast Improves Efficiency & Saves Money

As a Medical Center Administrator, you’re always looking for ways to find efficiencies and save your Station money.  Each dollar saved in one area can be redirected to another area of need.  Or, if your Station is facing a deficit, savings opportunities are key to achieving a balanced financial position. The Plan 4 Healthcare team […]

5 Ways Planning Technology Saves You Time

Effective annual planning requires a lot of time and effort. Every year, you need to: prepare and collect financial and operational data gather input from managers and executives from across the organization develop financial projections make tactical decisions and establish budget targets communicate outcomes track results At the same time, annual planning and budgeting isn’t […]

Improve Budget Tracking, Monitoring, and Performance with 4Cast

As a Medical Center CFO, you’re responsible for tracking and reporting your Station’s expenditures throughout the year. You’re also on point for making end of year projections and keeping leadership informed of likely financial scenarios. Yet, even with extensive financial data and analysis in hand, it is impossible for a CFO to control all aspects […]

From the Office of the Plan 4 Healthcare CEO

From the Office of the Plan 4 Healthcare CEO: Dear Valued Customers and Partners. It is my pleasure to announce multiple internal organization changes for Plan 4 Healthcare.  First, Matt Portolese will be taking over as acting Chief of Operations.  As our current CTO, Matt has in depth knowledge of all our current projects and […]

Six Tips for Getting Ready for FY21 (Video)

For Public Sector organizations, FY21 is a mere four months away. Now is the perfect time to kick-off a planning process to get ready before the new Fiscal Year begins! Let the Plan4 team help you with Six Tips you can use to conduct an effective and efficient planning process that will set you and […]