4Cast Tool Product Update

4Cast Tool Product Update as of March 2020

The Plan4HC Team is excited to share the following 4Cast product updates:

Recently Launched Features:

  • Ability to utilize Vacancy Data to assist in staffing budget scenario projections
  • Ability to document feedback and action items throughout the year as part of progress reviews
  • Increased flexibility in the “Supportable FTEE” Calculator, allowing for client-specific configurations
  • Ability to update and display Overtime Cost Transfers
  • Ability to view detailed historical resource data within 4Cast Monitoring

Coming with FY21 Business Planning:

  • Ability to directly link resource requests to tactical objectives within Business Plans
  • Enhanced features to budget/view FTEE in terms of both Cumulative FTEE and Salary
  • Simplifying and streamlining FTEE planning and budgeting
  • Enhanced user guidance across the tool using “Tool Tips”

Additionally, in 2020 we will be launching a user group to share best practices and process guides.

We are looking forward to working with each of our clients to kick off FY21 Business Planning in the next few months!

4Cast Product Development Team

Email: 4castsupport@plan4hc.com

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